Fully Lined Waterproof Overalls

  • Fully Lined Waterproof Overalls - Sizes from 6/9 months to 10 years.
    The Overalls are made from 100% coated fully waterproof Polyester with a matching Polar fleece lining, they have adjustable shoulder straps, small pocket on the front, elastic under the arms for that extra comfort an internal elasticated hem gusset that fits onto the boot/leg this stops the wet getting up the legs. Sizes 5 years up wards are made to order PLEASE NOTE YOU MAY HAVE THE OVERALLS LINED IN ANOTHER COLOUR - PLEASE CHECK WITH US FOR YOUR COLOUR CHOICE IF YOU DO NOT WANT IT IN THE MATCHING COLOUR. Recommendation from a Happy Customer Thanks. We have been using your dungarees for years by the way (the second child is now using ones that have already done two or three years with the first child) and they're great! My eldest skis in them and are brilliant for keeping him dry but not too hot and those adjustable straps mean you get at least two winters out of them. Very happy with them indeed - - they have never leaked, the elastic stays good and the buckles are good quality. Kate
    NZ$ 66.00

Kruizey Kidz Ltd